no flash for iching Reading

Like all tools at Tarot Fortunes, we encourage their use to be thoughtful and creative. The degree of sincerity and truth that is drawn from these tools is up to the querent to decide, while we at Tarot Fortunes do believe that these exercises are useful at creating new angles of thought and creative self reflection and introspection. Please enjoy our free iching reading with this in mind.

The I Ching, or book of changes is a divinatory method going back over 5,000 years. In it’s simplest form, the querent throws either coins or sticks while concentrating on the question at hand. The sticks or coins are thrown a total of six times from which an interpretation of the question may be derived.

The six throws create a hexagram of with solid or broken lines. The broken lines are yin lines and the unbroken lines are the yang lines. Yin lines are associated with female, dark, earthly, and passive connotations while  yang lines represent the male, light, heavenly, and active. The lines present themselves in a way that describe actions to be taken by the querent, or not to take, or way to draw conclusions to a question or find resolve within a situation.

The interpretation may feel a bit involved at first but there is an overall methodology to your reading that should be followed when it comes to interpreting your two hexagrams in tandem (if you are just starting to explore the Iching) that flows as follows (it should be noted that like other discovery tools, interpretations vary and other methods are welcomed and we encourage users to use our tool as they see fit.

You will find more on the actual reading page about the iching and how to interpret it. But for now, let’s just dive in and get our feet wet shall we? Read below and then click the large graphic above.

“How to” – more Specifically

The exercise is intuitive.

You begin by throwing your coins. Click the iching coin in the top left to throw each of your six lines.Once your lines have been drawn by throwing your coins, look for the “Finished. Click here” that is now in the upper left near the throwing coin and click the word HERE. A box loads that will give you further direction on how to read your IChing. Take your time. Think about things and what your IChing reading means or could mean in conjunction with your life’s goals, situation. meaning, relationships, past, present, and future..

How To Interpret the lines of an IChing Reading.

*** First – click the coin in the top left to throw your coins!

If there are no changing lines:

Consider the overall hexagram interpretation of the hexagram. There will only be one hexagram to interpret because there are no changing lines.

If there is one changing line:

Consider the meaning of the specific line that has changed.

If there are two or three changing lines:

Consider the line change interpretations and also the overall hexagram interpretation of the second (changing to) hexagram.

If there are four, five, or six changing lines:

Consider the overall hexagram interpretation of the first AND second hexagrams. You may also try to interpret individual line changes as well but often, these result can confuse the broader interpretation.

When all lines change in either one of your hexagrams:

Consider the overall hexagram interpretation in this instance.