At Tarot Fortunes, we believe in the power of tarot card readings, but maybe not like you’d expect. We have a realistic approach to the power through psychology that tarot reading can harness, and less of one wrapped in mystique. We see the archetypes of Tarot, much like the renowned psychologist Carl Jung did, in that the cards are representations of universal figures that all of us can relate to in our lives.

It’s the fact that we relate to them so well that explains why Tarot seems and feels so powerful and accurate in fact.

Now, please understand that we aren’t aiming to be Debbie Downers about it all and burst anyone’s tarot balloon of belief – Rather, we want to provide a source where users can access a quick session as to what’s going on with their day to day lives, and be coaxed into consideration for a minute or two. We want to help you step away from the hectic routines of life for a minute, so that you can take those blinders off and consider things. We think its healthy to think like this.

So, we invite you to dive in and do that thinking for a spell. Our free tarot is for the thinking person, who wants a quick look inside and wants to derive a bit of perspective about themselves as well as their surroundings and circumstance. We won’t tell you exactly what a card means for you specifically, as it’s up to you to sort a few things out and consider…that’s really the point after all.

We use the most reliable resources out there for a non nonsense reading. And let’s face it, there’s a lot of nonsense out there. You won’t find it here. So anyway, thanks for coming by and if you like us, please don’t forget to “like us” elsewhere. That way we can keep this up and bring you more and get us all out of our daily routines for a moment, and into our heads. Enjoy your free tarot reading!