Tarot Fortunes uses a variety of resources to deliver the most widely agreed upon interpretations for our free tarot. Begin with the Celtic Cross tarot reading below. Find a quiet place in mind and body, open yourself up to thought and possibility, and consider life in this moment with a peripheral awareness of past events and future considerations. Shuffle your unique online reading. Then, choose your cards, and weigh each individual tarot card meaning by clicking each small card (which produces a large card and it’s meaning – close each by the red “x”). There are more free readings below as well as Runes and Iching. Enjoy, we just ask that you please post us on Facebook, Twitter, link to us, and/or like us (and other social media!) so that we can expand and keep our online tarot free. *For entertainment purposes only.

**NOTE FOR BELOW : You need flash for these readings (unlike the Celtic Cross reading above that works on all devices). We’re working on converting from flash like the one above but need your support (link to us, like us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, etc.)  to make it happen.