Enjoy our Celtic Cross free tarot reading above. Simply shuffle, choose your cards, and consider each individual tarot card meaning by clicking each small card (which bring up a large card and it’s meaning – close each with the red “x”). There are many more free readings below as well as free Runes and Iching. Enjoy, we just ask that you please post us on Facebook, Twitter, link to us, and/or like us so that we can expand and keep our online tarot free. *For entertainment purposes only.

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**NOTE FOR BELOW : CLICK THE CHAIN LINK ICON (not just around it) TO VISIT READINGS. You must also have flash on your computer for these readings to work (unlike the one above that works on all devices). We’re working on translating these from flash like the one above but need your support (links to us, Facebook, recommending us, etc.)  to make it happen.